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Love to have Sennheiser Wireless Mic

Who doesn’t want to have the top selling sennheiser wireless mic at MusiciansFriend? I do love to have one. I’m sure this kind of microphone is much better than the one with wire. Last New Year celebration we did videoke and the microphone that we used has a problem. We can’t hear our voice clearly and the echo was really annoying. How I wish we have this sennheiser wireless mic because I read good reviews of this product. This is comfortable to use and no hassle at all even if you go far but with wire it’s different.

Free Guitar Tuner Online

In this generation everything you need is easy to get online. I have learned that schooling can be done at home. Some parents chose online school because they said it is more convenient and they are happy to teach their children on their own. Even online guitar tuner free is now available online and you can access directly in your own abode. This one is helpful especially those who love this instrument. I wonder if this online tuner could possibly help my daughter’s small guitar. Will check the site and see if this really works.

Niyogyugan Festival 2016 Events

Yearly Niyogyugan Festival is happening in Quezon Province. The festival aims to showcase Quezon products such as products made from coconut tree and other products from different municipalities and cities of Quezon Province. Each town has one product to offer. Promotion of agri-tourism is also one of the priorities of the said festival.

In 2011, Quezon Province held the first AGRI-TOURISM Trade Fair that featured booths with agricultural products from different municipalities in Quezon. In the year 2012, the very first provincial festival was held, it is the celebration of the tree of life (which is coconut) and called Niyogyugan Festival. Since then, the festival becomes a yearly celebration happening month of August.

For this year the theme would be “Tara na sa Quezon: Niyogyugan Festival 2016.” Niyogyugan was derived from the words niyog (coconut) and yugyug (to move to a beat). So expect jolly, lively and colorful festival with the coconut as the main theme of the celebration.  It would be two long weeks celebration starting on August 15-27, 2016.

Here are some of the activities for this year Niyogyugan Festival 2016

Araw ng mga Makabagong Bayani – Blood Letting Activity, Opening of agri-tourism exposition (Perez Park, Lucena City)

Quezon Day Celebration – floral offering at Quezon Monument (Perez park), Quezon Medalya ng Karangalan Awards Day (Queen Margarette Hotel, Domoit, Lucena City)

Bb. Niyogyugan pre-pageant and talent competition (SM City, Lucena) Hands on twinning/weaving, coco sap sugar and virgin coconut oil processing.

Governor’s Day or State of the Province Address

Araw ng Pamilyang Magsasaka  ( Quezon Convention Convention Center, Lucena)  

ABS-CBN- Umagang kay Ganda- UKG coverage

Teacher’s convention (Quezon Convention Center, Lucena City)

Grand Parade and Float Competition

Street Dancing and Showdown Competition (Quezon Convention Center, Lucena City).

Celebrities like Inigo Pascual, Daniel Matsunaga, Arci Munoz, Bamboo, Hashtags and more would be here also to celebrate this year Niyogyugan Festival.  

The awarding ceremonies for different competitions including the selection of best booth (nipa hut with exhibits)  shall be held at  the Quezon Convention Center, Lucena City on August 28. The winners in best booth competition will receive awards or check intended for   infrastructure/ community projects from the provincial government of Quezon. 


What is Line 6

I’m sure those who are fond of using guitars, amplifiers and related electronic equipment are familiar to line6. The latter is a manufacturer of what I mentioned above. My nephew likes playing guitar. He has different guitars and even bought ukulele but left to my daughter when he went back to Canada. I’m sure he is familiar with this line because of his love to guitar. Speaking of my nephew, I will contact him because I need to ask something about guitar.

Spandex Stretch

If you are looking for spandex stretch sails, you should see the site I have visited earlier. All spandex line they have is manufactured in the United States. Spandex sail is ideal for decorating parties, special events, DJ Setups, restaurants, nightclubs and even hotels. Well, this is not just their product because they have wide selection of table cloths, chair covers, table toppers, table skirts and cloths for every event. Check the site now for the complete info.

spandex stretch sails photo spandex stretch sails_zpskicjc8ju.jpg

DZMM Teleradyo

I like watching teleradyo especially DZMM. This is broadcast same time over television and radio. It features DZMM’s radio programmes as well as live video feed of the radio booth itself. It means viewers can hear and see the people currently in the studio speaking on air. Many of the programs are about news and current events. My favorite every time I’m watching DZMM is Usapang de Campanilla. The show is airing Mondays – Fridays at 9pm. They give free legal advices with well-known attorneys. Anyway, every time I’m watching DZMM, I always see the host or the anchor using a tool. This tool makes sound. I can’t explain properly but whenever the host wants to put a sound while talking or after, the host will just press or move the tool back and forth. I’m not sure if this is the midi pad controllers at guitar center that I saw in an online site. It looks like but I’m not sure. If this is the tool, I think it’s cool. You can make or produce any sound out of this pad controller.